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by Pedro Salgado


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Soma Tec. The Vader Effect Spaccio Infortraining Credito Seguro

Creative Programing

The use of programing languages and electronics in order to create ludic and educational applications.


Interactive projection using technologies like microsoft kinect and Processing as programing language

Robot Picasso

Controlable wireless drawing robot. A microsoft kinect camera is used to track the coordinates of the users hands. Those coordinates are sent to an Arduino controled robot.

Project Lumina

Project Lumina

An interactive instalation that provides the users with a possibility of interaction between the phisical and the virtual world.


Experimental video editing, using Adobe Preiere to edit the video and the Absinth software to create and edit the sound.

Biography / Contact

José Pedro Lopes Salgado.

Born and raised in Guimarães, Portugal.

Degree in Information Systems Technology at Universidade do Minho.

Master's Degree in Digital Art at Universidade do Minho.

Currently Working as a Web Developer, creating all kinds of websites and deepening knowledge in technologies like php, MySQL, SEO, CSS3, HTML5, jQuery...

Spends part of his free time "playing" and creating small projects in the field of electronics, often coupled with creative programming, using tools like Arduino, Raspberry pi, Processing, openFrameworks...

Scientific paper published in the ICIDS 2011 conference.


Phone: +351 911 928 781

Curriculum Vitae